About us







We develop high-precision fixture solutions for the industry

FIXTURE TECH Solutions GmbH develops and manufactures at their production site in Tholey/Germany measuring equipment for the international manufacturing industry as well as manual, semi-automatic, and fully automatic loading systems for industrial applications.


Individual developments for your production

Modular holding devices in a kit system as well as measuring and testing equipment for the highest international standards.

Since 1995

Who we are

Founded in 1995 as owner-managed company „Junker und Partner“ and until recently a subsidiary of ZEISS Industrial Metrology GmbH as an important supplier for the ZEISS portfolio “Car Body Solutions”, the company now has a broader base and is once again operating independently on the market from its Tholey site.

What makes FIXTURE TECH solutions so unique?

All FIXTURE TECH fixtures are based on the modular component system called CARFIT: These inhouse developed parts work like a building kit to build up checking fixtures, holding fixtures and so called “Meisterbock” matching fixtures, complex setups for testing geometries within component groups.

Impressive references for all vehicle parts confirm that CARFIT fixtures are leading the way when it comes to quality, cost effectiveness, and technical versatility in fixturing technology. 



CARFIT clamping technology: Standardized quality. Endless variety.

CARFIT fixturing systems are all based on specifically designed standard components with which customized fixtures and „Meisterbock” systems are manufactured according to customer requirements.


The budget-friendly clamping device for your inspection process: quick, reliable and cost-effective

The simplified, straightforward CARFIT lite system offers all the benefits of the standard CARFIT range for creating fixture setups whenever and wherever no complex fixtures are required.

FIXTURE TECH Hole grid plates

The lightweight plate series in honeycomb design

FIXTURE TECH manufactures hole grid plates in a wide range of dimensions with various grid patterns. The sandwich plates in patented honeycomb design stand out due to their exceptional light weight and stiffness The range is complemented by the self-driving and automated models eMOBEE.


The Mobile Honeycomb Plate with E-Drive

The remote controlled self-propelled FIXTURE TECH eMOBEE honeycomb plate efficiently transports components from A to B and provides sustainable support for loading processes in quality assurance. The new generation of automated plates is used as a communicating fleet system in industrial production and impresses with its high stability combined with very agile driving and low empty weight. Thus, eMOBEE as a freely configurable loading solution is unique in the field of self-propelled smart systems.

FIXTURE TECH vacuum clamping system

Quick and easy clamping with vacuum

FIXTURE TECH vacuum clamping system is a surprisingly versatile, flexible clamping system for inherently stable parts. Vacuum technology allows very fast and stress-free clamping of a wide variety of components without interfering contours, i.e. the measuring field remains completely free.